Supercharge your Minecraft gameplay.

A simple Minecraft modpack focusing on performance and graphics enhancements.

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Fabulously Optimized

259 FPS

Popular game client

56 FPS

Vanilla Minecraft

49 FPS

Fabulously Optimized is up to 5× quicker than vanilla Minecraft.

Tested on AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (12) @ 3.400GHz and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB running vanilla Minecraft 1.20.1, a popular performance-focused game client for Minecraft 1.20.1 and Fabulously Optimized 5.4.1 (singleplayer). Results may vary on other systems.

Why should you use Fabulously Optimized?


Fabulously Optimized is faster than competing game clients, thanks to modern performance mods like Sodium, Lithium, and others. The bundled mods have been carefully selected to be safe in your worlds and provide noticeable speed benefits on any device.

OptiFine parity

Fabulously Optimized supports most OptiFine features, including shaders, connected textures, and zoom. If your resource pack states "OptiFine required," it will probably function here as well. You can even get your own free cape!

Feels familiar

Fabulously Optimized includes features that allow you to experience Minecraft just as you remember it, no matter what version you've used before. This means you can use game controllers, play local worlds with friends, view advancements in a large window, and much more.

Works anywhere

Fabulously Optimized does not include content mods, so you can play on any world or server. While you can use any game launcher to play the pack, we recommend and provide support for specific ones that offer the best experience.

Up to date

Fabulously Optimized receives fast updates and stands as one of the first modpacks to upgrade to newer Minecraft versions. Updating the modpack is easy and will preserve your mod settings, where possible.

Built on Fabric

Fabulously Optimized uses the Fabric mod loader, which is lightweight, fast, and supports a lot of mods. You can use the modpack as a base to add your favorite mods to.

Open development

Fabulously Optimized is open-source, and so are most of its mods. We welcome user suggestions and collaborate with mod developers to create a better user experience for everyone.

Helpful community

We have a growing community of friendly members who enjoy discussing the pack, translating its content, and helping each other. Join us today!

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We encourage using CurseForge App, Modrinth App, Prism Launcher, MultiMC, or official Minecraft Launcher.

By downloading Fabulously Optimized, you have acknowledged the disclaimers.